SenseCAP Industrial IP68 Modbus RS485 1-to-4 Splitter/Hub

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This RS485 1-to-4 Splitter is an industrial-grade hub that can extend the connection of SenseCAP Sensor Hub to multiple sensors. It features IP68 rating, comes with waterproof aviation connector, easy to use, suitable for many application scenarios.


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The Sensor Hub has 4 aviation connector interfaces through which sensors can be connected. Each of these interfaces can theoretically support up to 8 sensors. For connecting more than 4 sensors, the RS485 1-to-4 splitter is required. One interface (male) of the RS485 splitter can connect to the Sensor Hub, and the other 4 interfaces (female) can connect to the sensors.


IP68 rating.
Anti-ultraviolet and anti- rain.
Suitable for long-term outdoor use.


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