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HKT AQS-1000-O3 LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality Sensor EU868

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LoRaWAN Indoor AirQuality Sensor 9 in 1 sensor. O3 version.

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Using various sensors built into the device, it can monitor and warn the indoor environment in all aspects, so that users can understand the current indoor environment in the heart. Through the preset data reporting cycle, the wireless LoRaWAN® communication technology is used to realize remote data transmission.
HKT-AQS1000 is compact in size, easy to install, and beautiful in appearance. The antennas are built into the device. It is suitable for installation surfaces of different materials,and is suitable for scenarios such as office areas, living areas, and residential areas.
The product supports simultaneous monitoring of various environmental data such as Formaldehyde, Ozone, PM2.5&PM10, Temperature, Humidity, Light, CO2, Atmospheric Pressure, TVOC, Activity, etc., and displays them on the electronic ink screen in real time, making it easy to view environmental quality data locally.

Main features:

    Easy installation:support 3M glue or screw fixing, suitable for installation surfaces of different materials such as glass, wood, iron,plastic, etc
    The longest communication distance: the maximum Communication distance can reach 5Km in open environment
    Super long standby: low power consumption, easy to replace, use 4 AAA alkaline batteries,can be used continuously for more than 1 year
    Status display: the screen display is delicate, the visual effect is good under the sun,could see every corner, ultra-low power consumption, no refresh and no power consumption
    Buzzer indication: through the sound of the buzzer to distinguish the state change of the environmental quality scene
    Various monitoring contents: High-precision sensors are used to integrate Formaldehyde, Ozone, PM2.5&PM10, Temperature and Humidity, Light, CO2, Atmospheric Pressure, TVOC, infrared detection and other functions to fully meet the indoor environment monitoring applications
    Good compatibility:Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and third-party network server platforms
    Integrated management: Fast connection with HKT LoRaWAN® gateway and cloud platform without additional configuration
    Three-dimensional appearance: the shell adopts a three-dimensional structure design, with clean-cut, which brings visual impact experience to users
    Suitable size: 115 mm * 109 mm * 22.7 mm