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RAK3172 Breakout Board

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RAK3172 Breakout Board


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RAK3272S Breakout Board is specifically designed to allow easy access to the pins on the board in order to simplify development and testing. The breakout board footprint is based on XBee form factor and its main purpose is to allow the RAK3172 stamp module pins to be transferred to 2.54 mm headers. Its firmware is based on RAKwireless Unified Interface V3 (RUI3) that allows you create different functionalities using RUI APIs.

The board itself has the RAK3172 at its core, integrating a STM32WLE5CC chip, It has Ultra-Low Power Consumption of 1.69uA in sleep mode

This module complies with Class A, B & C of LoRaWAN 1.0.3 specifications. It also supports LoRa Point to Point (P2P) communication mode which helps you in implementing your own customized long-range LoRa network quickly.

Product Features

    Based on RAK3172
    I/O ports: UART/I2C/GPIO/SPI
    Serial Wire Debug (SWD) interface
    Module size: 25.4 x 32.3 mm
    Supply Voltage: 2.0 V ~ 3.6 V
    Temperature Range: -40° C ~ 85° C

Product Inclusion

    1pc RAK3272S Breakout Board
    1pc LoRa® antenna with RP-SMA female connector
    18pcs Dupont lines